The Royston Tapestry

Prehistoric sea creatures, Romans, Black Death, a mysterious cave – all these and more can be found on the Royston Tapestry. In 1993, the tapestry was started as a way to record Royston’s history and to give local embroiders a place to showcase their skills. Fourteen scenes have so far been stitched onto one continuous piece of linen. Each scene depicts a significant point in Royston’s history illustrating the town’s rich and diverse past.

You can currently see the fifteenth and final scene being worked on at the museum. Our team of embroiders come in each week to add more stitches. Completing a section, just a few centimetres square, can take several hours due to the detail of the design and the skill required.

Once finished the tapestry will be over 25 metres long and will cover a period reaching back 64 million years.