E. H. Whydale Art Collection

We have a large collection of art by Ernest Herbert Whydale.  He was born in Yorkshire in 1886 and moved to Royston in 1918. Before living in Royston, he studied at the Westminster College of Art and at Camberwell.  Nearly every year from 1910 to 1950,  he displayed his art at the Royal Academy.

Whydale made many etchings, a type of printmaking.  In 1914, the National Gallery of Canada collected five of his etchings. He also made one for a dolls house for Queen Mary, which was shown at the British Empire Exhibition in 1924. In 1920 he was elected to be an associate member of the Royal Society of Painter-Etchers and Engravers.

Whydale lived in Royston for over thirty years and painted still lifes,  portraits and landscapes. He enjoyed painting horses and in 1929 he said his favourite hobby was ‘caravanning’.  He spent many summers travelling by horse-drawn caravan with his brother or a friend.

Whydale was a generous man who loved Royston and the  countryside. He gave a lot of his art away to friends and this is the main reason why so much of it is still in Royston today.

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