We’re closed at the moment so we’ve pausing taking on new volunteers. Once we’re open again, we’ll let you know more about how to get involved.

We are almost entirely staffed by volunteers, and we are grateful for everyone who gives their time, knowledge and skills.

Below, we’ve listed some of the roles we need help with. The skills listed are those that you can learn so you don’t need to have experience and we’re happy to provide training. If you’d like to learn something new, get work experience or find a new social group, we can help.

Front Desk Events Collections Research Arts and Crafts Outreach and Marketing

Front Desk

We open to the public on Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays, from 10 am to 5 pm. Front Desk Volunteers welcome visitors and answer questions. Don’t worry if you don’t know much about our local history as there’s always a member of staff around to help. This role also involves running our shop, handling money, working a till and noting visitor numbers.

Skills: Cash management, shop stock management, customer service.


We run events for adults and children on a regular basis. Event volunteers help us plan and run them and suggest new event ideas.

Skills: budgeting, visitor management, event planning, handling unexpected circumstances, health and safety planning.


We care for over 40,000 artefacts. Some of these need regular conservation cleaning, and most of our stored artefacts need repacking. Many objects need labelling, and sometimes repairing or moving. Collections volunteers make sure artefacts are ready for research, displays, and handling.

Skills: Artefact handling, object conservation and preservation, artefact labelling. Organisation, artefact storing and packing, problem solving.


We carry out research into our collections and on local history. Our research volunteers dig into books and the Internet to see what they can find. There are lots of puzzles to be solved and lots of hidden stories to uncover.

Skills: Organisation, problem solving, textual research, summary writing.

Arts & Crafts

A number of our events involve craft activities. During school holidays, we run weekly creative sessions for young children, and throughout the year we run lino printing workshops. We want to offer more and we’re looking for anyone with unique craft skills that they’d like to share. We’re also looking for people who would like to help us run workshops and classes for all ages and abilities.

Skills: Anything crafty or creative; classroom management, teaching experience, art and handicraft history.

Outreach and Marketing

We are always looking at how we can let our community know what’s happening at the museum. It’s important that we reach our audiences, create new ones and find out what they want to see and do at the museum. Social media and low cost marketing are our main ways of doing this.

Skills: Marketing, public relations, surveys and community response. Social media, creative outreach, problem solving.