Royston Cave and Museum Partnership

Royston Museum and the Royston Cave partner to open Virtual Reality exhibit

Royston Cave Experience

For the first time in the modern era, Royston Museum and Royston Cave will collaborate to create and share a new Royston Heritage experience. On March 21st, the Museum will open a new permanent exhibit, incorporating artefacts from the Royston Cave, as well as a Virtual Reality Cave Experience. The display will feature never-before-seen archaeological evidence from the Cave, excavated over the past 50 years. The VR Cave Experience will allow visitors to explore the Cave year-round, without taking a single step. We invite Press to view the exhibit on March 20th– for more information please contact the Curator at

Cave and Museum Partnership

This joint exhibit is the first venture in a new, ongoing formal partnership between the Museum and Cave. Over the past few years, we have explored the option of combining forces through joint tours. Whilst the two organisations are both owned and operated by Royston Town Council, we have not combined resources since our previous iterations under the Royston Archaeological Society in 1856. The next expected step in this partnership is more practically-minded. The Museum will begin opening on Sunday afternoons during the 2020 Cave Season. Items related to the Cave will also be available for purchase in the Museum gift shop.

Cave and Museum History

In 1742, workmen discovered the Royston Cave whilst building a bench in the Butter Market. The landowner opened the Cave for paying visitors beginning in the 1790’s. In the early 1830’s, ownership and responsibility for the Cave transferred to an independent Trust. In 1856, the Royston Archaeological Society, many of whom were Cave Trustees, opened a Museum. Unfortunately, this first Museum and Society closed in 1901, and the Cave continued independently. In the 1950’s, the Archaeological Society reformed as the Local History Society, retaining ownership of the Cave and the Cave Trust. In the 1970’s, Royston Town Council opened a Museum in partnership with the LHS, and in the 1990’s, ownership of the Cave transferred to the Council. This partnership is the next logical step for both the Museum and the Cave, and we are excited to develop our organisations.