The Tapestry is Finished!

Royston Museum is thrilled to announce the completion of the Royston Tapestry.

Nearly thirty years after the first imagining of Royston Tapestry, Museum Assistant Amy Judd placed the final stitch on October 29th, 2018.

Curator and Manager Madeline Odent says, “We’re so excited to be moving forward with the Tapestry. So much skill, passion and expertise has gone into the work: it is truly a labour of love.”

The Tapestry was first conceived in 1989, by then-Curator Jane Vincent. Planning began in earnest in 1991, with the first stitch placed on July 1 1993. The Tapestry (although technically an embroidery) is based off the famous Bayeux Tapestry, with 15 scenes spread over a continuous, 24 metres long length of linen. Each scene, drawn by local artists Danni Kaye and Martin Kaszak, depicts an important period from Royston’s history. After copying the scenes onto the linen with pencil, embroiderers picked out the intricate stitches in crewel wool . Led by stitch coordinators Christina Renwick and former Curator Carole Kaszak, over 30 embroiderers have lent their skill to the masterpiece.

In Summer 2019, the Museum will unveil the entire Tapestry to the town. The community will get to enjoy and interact with the project while it is on display in the Town Hall. Following the reveal, the Tapestry will be hosted by other museums around the country. Local heritage sites will have the opportunity to display scenes particularly relevant to their communities. As this ‘Grand Tour’ takes place, Royston Museum will construct a suitable, long term display gallery for the piece. The Tapestry will then be welcomed to its permanent home in Royston at the same time the Bayeux Tapestry returns to England.

Now, the Museum is looking for more volunteers, of all ages and abilities, to prepare the Tapestry for display. Some supplies are also necessary, and donations in kind are welcome. The completed embroidery needs to have a new border applied, and a sturdy lining constructed and attached. Sewers, embroiderers, and general volunteers of all skill levels are invited to join the Tapestry Volunteers to work on this stage of the project.  “The Tapestry belongs to the Community of Royston, and we need the Community’s help to prepare it for display”.


For more information, and to sign up to help, head to .