Access- Sensory

This section gives on information on visiting the museum with sensory impairments. We’re working to improve our accessibility so please give us any feedback.

Blind or Visually Impaired


Information is on display labels which are written in black ink and on white paper.  We are working to produce large-print versions of our leaflets and display labels.

We are looking into grants that will enable us to provide an auditory tour of the museum.

Tactile Exhibits:

Some of our exhibits can be touched and we’re going to make a map of where these are and describe their locations here.


The museum is well lit with internal lighting in display cases and LED track lighting in the galleries.

D/deaf or Hard of Hearing


Our touchscreen display has no audio, and all information is provided via open captioning by default.


A T-loop is available at the front desk and all staff are trained in its use.

Auditory exhibits:

Some displays have an auditory component that can be heard by pressing a large yellow button that says “Press Me for more information”. We are working on having written transcripts of these.