The following sessions can be offered as outreach or in combination with a visit to the museum.


Life Before Electricity

Life Before Electricity

Exploring how life was before the introduction of electricity, including themes such as travel and communication, leisure and pastimes, household and laundry and work and school life.

Object handling, mystery objects and time for Q&A.

Toys Toys

A session working as toy detectives to discover and identify toys from the past.

Mini Curators

Mini Curators

Come and do the job of the Museum Curator for the day! A session exploring a broad range of museum objects and working out why they are important.

Stone Age Introduction to the Stone Age

Learn what life might have been like during the Stone Age and work with real objects from the museum collection.

Each session costs £40 delivered to a class of up to 30 children. Accompanying adults on visits to the museum go free.

To make an enquiry or book a session please call 01763 242587 or contact us.