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Royston Museum aims to be a welcoming, accessible space for everyone.

Wheelchair access
The museum is accessed via a ramp with a low threashold across the entrance. The ground floor, including main Exhibition Hall, temporary exhibition and accessible toilet with baby change are all accessible. The upper floor, including Research Room, Community Room and gallary are unfourtunatly not accessible.

Disabled parking
The Museum does not have any parking or drop off point. Details about parking can be found on the Royston town website.

Assistance dogs
​All assistance dogs are welcome at the museum. If you'd like a water bowl, please let us know.

If you would like a place to sit down, please let us know and we will happily provide you with a chair.

Accessible toilet and baby change
We have an accessible toilet with baby change to the left of the welcome desk. There are spare nappies and sanitary products in case you are caught short, plus a step and toilet seat for our younger visitors. 
Unfourtunatly there is not a changing places toilet in Royston.

Visual story and sensory map
We have produced a visual story and sensory map to help visitors prepare for their visit and to show what you can expect whilst at the museum.

Quiet times and relaxed sessions
The quietest times to visit the Museum are on Thursdays and Fridays term time. During the school holidays, we run special relaxed sessions for our young neurodiverse visitors on Fridays from 9am to 10am.

Additional help and support

For further help or support about visiting the Museum, please call us on 01763 242 587 or email us at

We are committed to listening to our visitors and community to help us continually improve. If you have any feedback to help us become more accessible, please let us know.

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