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A History of Royston


Royston is a mix of rich heritage, green open spaces and town centre streets. Discover what else there is to explore during your visit.


Melbourn Street

Royston, SG8 7BZ

Discovered by accident in 1742, Royston Cave is man-made, bell-shaped and cut 8 metres into the chalk that lies beneath Royston’s ancient crossroad.


Its walls are decorated with low-relief wall carvings which are mostly Christian is depiction and medieval in style. They include representations of the Crucifixion and notable saints such as St Catherine and St Christopher. Elsewhere are figures of a horse and an Earth Goddess, believed to be Pagan fertility symbols.


Royston Cave remains an enigma. No records of its age or purpose exist. Some theories suggest it was used by the Knights Templar while others believe it was a private chapel or hermitage. The cave also attracts Pagan and Earth energy visitors who claim it to be the site where two ancient Ley lines meet. They believe that Royston Cave has been a sacred site for thousands of years. 

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Discover Royston's past on this guided walk around Royston Town Centre.  


Starting at the church, a medieval priory until its dissolution by Henry VIII, follow 31 trail markers around town, taking in sites such as: Dead Street, named after the number of people living there who died from the Plague; King James I hunting palace; the ancient crossroad; and site of the medieval leper hospital.

The full trail lasts approx. 1.5 hours. A shorter trail is also available and lasts approx. 45 minutes. Physical copies of the trail are available from the museum welcome desk.

Maps &

Town Map

Our town map shows the location of our car parks, Information Centre and attractions.

Information Centre

Located within Royston Library, discover what to see and do in Royston at our Tourist Information Centre.

Community Toilets

Located within Royston Library, discover what to see and do in Royston at our Tourist Information Centre.

Eat, Drink,
Shop, Stay

Feeling peckish? Stop for coffee, lunch or beer at one of Royston's many eateries, including the 15th century Bull Inn. In fact, why not stay the weekend? Make the most of your visit and give yourself time to explore.

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